Ashley Crowden

My pack consists of:

My pack consists of: My husband and my dogs Jude and Ringo… Yes, my husband is a huge Beatles fan.

My role with EC is:

I take care of EC’s financials and try and help with events.  I hope to start fostering soon, after my pack is stabilized- just added a new dog and need to adjust.

My paid gig is:

I have my bachelors in nursing sciences and my registered nurses license currently working in a hospital.  I also take care of the administrative and finance work for KBC Cabinets & Displays, KBC Dog sports, and KBC Kennels.

My strengths are:

Not being a procrastinator; when I have something on my to-do list I try and get it done ASAP.  I apply my various experiences to be versatile in what I do.

My weaknesses are:

Lattes, the pathetic look my dogs give me when they don’t want to get out of bed, and dogs that need homes.

If I had any free time I would:

Spend more time training my dogs new tricks, I find it very rewarding when I establish that connection with my dog and it clicks what I am asking them to do.  I would also love to travel, with my dogs, to beautiful places.