David Goldberg

My pack consist of:

My awesome fiancé Emma and our spoiled dog Chip

My role with EC is:

I spend most of my time with EC volunteering at our events and fostering some awesome dogs.  I also consider myself a walking billboard as I can be caught wearing EC branded clothes at least 3 days a week.

My paid gig is:

I am a loan officer for a local mortgage company.  My focus is to help people achieve the dream of home-ownership through financing.

My strengths are:

My ability to talk for my dog and give him human characteristics.  I also like to think I can get along with almost anybody (this could just be in my head though)

My weaknesses are:

Cookies. Spelling. The St. Louis Cardinals.
If I had any free time I would: Spend it with my fiancé . Sleep. Visit more national parks.  Taste more Beer and Wine.