Emma Grosch

My pack consists of:

My wonderful fiancé David and our baby/dog Chip

My role with EC is:

Fostering adorable doggies, preventing my fiancé from adopting all of said doggies, and tracking and managing inventory whilst simultaneously wearing all of it

My paid gig is:

…not paid.  I am currently getting my Masters in School Counseling and work at 2 local high schools doing all the duties of a school counselor

My strengths are:

Getting ahold of my fiancé when no one else can, telling ridiculously long and bad stories, and having a very high pain tolerance

My weaknesses are:

Decorated cake, people.com, and David’s puppy dog face

If I had any free time I would:

Do lots of word searches, watch every movie ever made, and quote Friends until I’m blue in the face