Jamie Shawver

My pack consists of:

During the school year my pack consists of my three roommates, our 12 year old German Shepherd mix (Jasper) & lots of fish (& sometimes a tiny foster doggo)! In STL my pack consists of my mom, two sisters, & our animals. Scooby-Doo is our 9 year old Springer Spaniel & we also have two cats Penny & Leonard (named after the Big Bang Theory).

My role with EC is:

I volunteer at the many events EC has when I am in STL!

My paid gig is:

I have lots of random paid gigs. My main ones are working as a substitute teacher & working at a gym. When I graduate in May 2018 I will become a special education teacher.

My strengths are:

I am an expert organizer and cleaner… I can organize & clean anything I am given. I also know anything & everything about Disney movies.

My weaknesses are:

spending too much money on my animals (especially animal clothes), Chipotle, any animal with special needs or senior dogs

If I had any free time I would:

spend it hiking & exploring new places with my pups! I would also love to have time to find a way to connect my two passions: working with dogs & working with kids with special needs! I think it would be so cool to train dogs as service animals for kids with special needs or teach children how to work with their service dog!