Lisa Gerrie

My pack consists of:

My pack includes one husband: Dave; four dogs: Dierks (Weimaraner), Ping (Cattle Dog Mix), Soulard (Min Pin), Pipsqueak (chi chi mix); two horses: Kota (Paint), Topo (Paint); and one fish: Peaches. 

My role with EC is: 

My role within EC includes the day to day financial responsibility including planning and analysis.  I also foster and help pit bulls in need, and participate in events when possible.          

My paid gig is:

I am a Finance Manager at Wells Fargo providing performance optics, planning, and business support within the Independent Brokerage channel.   

My strengths are:

My candid ability to speak my mind, passion around what I do, and compassion for those in need. 

My weaknesses are:

My candid ability to speak my mind, coffee (lots and lots of coffee), Europe, and owning a vast number of pets. 

If I had any free time I would:

Travel, spend more time outside, walk my dogs, and trail ride with my horses.