Lisa Scherer

My pack consists of:

My husband Jamey, our daughters Abby (19), Emily (15) and Riley (12), our sweet-as- sugar Pitt bull Willow, our super-happy- crazy-go- nonstop Pit bull Jasper, our kissing machine Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Noel, a rescue retired Thoroughbred Nikita, a dozen or so fish, 3 hamsters and a Ball Python “Snoop” that my daughter somehow convinced us to let into our home…..but he is actually growing on me.

My role with EC is:

I am the EC Photographer and I get the AMAZING job of photographing all of our adoptable Pitties. And loving on said Pitties, and wishing I could figure out how to adopt said Pitties. Oh and I volunteer at events, which is SO fun!!

My paid gig is:

Well you know, one can never have enough jobs. I work Full Time for Parkway School District as a Contract Analyst in the Planning and Engineering Department. And I also work about as many hours as a Photographer and Owner of Lisa Kelly Photo.

My strengths are:

I am super friendly and try to make everyone I am around feel comfortable, I am really good and making fun of myself for a laugh, I wear my heart on my sleeve and always root for the underdog.

My weaknesses are:

Not knowing how to say no, Instagram, black and white Pit Bulls and chocolate/peanut butter ice cream.

If I had any free time I would:

Travel…(well if I had more money AND free time), I would take more naps and play ball with my dogs.