Maureen Smith

My pack consists of:

1 husband, Buck; 1 male cocker spaniel mix, Buddy; 1 female pitbull mixed with a brick wall, Sally; and 1 female pitbull mixed with crab, Lucy

My role with EC is:

Foster parent to puppies, attend events, buy swag, make donations

My paid gig is:

First Grade Teacher (Fairway Elementary) in the Rockwood School District
My strengths are: walking dogs, watching anything on Bravo, attending theatre productions, running, Happy Hours and going to Kaldi’s.

My weaknesses are:

keeping Amazon packages off the front porch, making Siri spell correctly, and Rose’ from Napa
If I had any free time I would: read more books instead of People magazine, learn how to cook and save more Pit Bulls…and learn how to edit photos in an email.