Tim Pickett

My pack consists of:

My beautiful wife, Jen; thirteen-year-old son, Timothy; nine-year-old daughter, Mya; and our amazing Even Chance rescues, Roo and Stanley!

My role with EC is:

I run the day-to-day web website operations for EC.  I get to use my nerd skills for good! If you have seen Tommy Boy, I am like the David Spade character for EC.  However, I am really more like Chris Farley when I am not in front of a computer.  My goal is to spread the word of Even Chance through the interwebs.

My paid gig is:

I am a project manager, t-shirt hacker, record label owner and blogger. I run digital projects by day.  I promote music & mind/body health while building my empire at night.

My strengths are:

Puns. Laughing. Creating. Air Drums.

My weaknesses are:

Loud music. My daughter’s face after she does something bad. The St. Louis Cardinals.

If I had any free time I would:

Box, go the gym, take the fam and the dogs to a park, go to Japan, try stand-up, and play drums.